Sunday, 9 November 2014

University #studentlife

I finally made it to university... 

First thing is first I am going to tell you lot about my move in day. I had everything packed weeks ahead of move in day, I was so excited! But as the weeks counted down I began to get quite anxious and my anxiety levels hit the roof! It got to the point of deciding I wanted to drop out before I even got there because I was so scared and nervous however my friends and family convinced me it would be alright and that I would be fine. The night before the big day me, my mum and dad packed the car of all my stuff and things became real, I didnt sleep at all that night and although I was scared I was also kind of excited! 

Move in day was on the 20th of September, my time slot to move in was 9-10am so I was one of the first people to get to the accommodation. On the way over I brought my car and followed my mum, dad, brother and sister in their car. The trip was fine until I seen the signs saying we were getting closer and closer and I just wanted to turn around and go home! 

After getting lost and being 45 minutes late for my move in time slot we finally got here, and there was only a couple other people here so it wasn't too bad. I got my keys and started to move everything to my room. I was the first person to move into my flat so I felt quite comfortable. Mum unpacked all my things and we went downstairs to the kitchen..  I walked into the kitchen chatting away to my family and got a shock to see someone else stood there.. he looked kinda gormless and didn't say a word. His name is Liam and lives in the room next door to me, I also have to share a bathroom with him.... unfortunately! ahaha 

Me and my family all went food shopping and to get some other last minute things I needed and had some lunch together. It was strange because I knew that they would be leaving me here soon in a place I had never been to before and had no clue how to get around. 

We got back to the flat and unpacked my food and then it was time to say goodbye... I felt alright and gave everyone a hug but then the last person I hugged (my mum) I ended up bursting into tears and wouldn't let go. I think the realization just kicked in that they were actually leaving me here and that I now have to live here and not go back home at the end of the day. 

But by the end of the day everyone turned up one by one and I felt a lot better. I sat in the kitchen with Liam and Ollie just chatting.. I thought I was going to be the only girl in the house knowing my luck but then Meg turned up and I was so happy I wasn't alone! haha then Lana rocked up with a bottle of shots, then Katie, Ryan and Annabel. W e all decided to go out and see what the nightlife here was like.. to be honest its not that great but its the company your with that makes it good! I am really glad we decided to go out that night because it was a great way for us to start to get to know each other and it wasn't awkward conversations. We also met next door Charlie, Emily and Rachael then too and they may as well be part of our flat because they never leave. bahah not that thats a bad thing!!

Looking back now it seems to long ago but it actually wasn't. I find it weird (good weird) of how much we actually get on and have got to know each other. I went to visit home and it was strange to be there, it didn't really feel like home anymore.. it was too dark, scary, quiet and boring! ahah

I love my uni family to pieces, I am so glad I have had the chance to meet you all and I don't know what I would do without you! Mwahh 

Love from Rachel xoxo