Saturday, 7 January 2017

Its been too long.

Hello guys, 

Looks its been so long since I last made a blog post, too long (like 3 years) and its not okay, sorry! So now we are due a big old catch up. 

The past three years, where do start haha. Im now in my third and final year of university currently meant to be writing my essay that due in 2 days oops haha! 
I'm due to graduate in a few months which is exciting but also terrifying. The thought that are running through my head have been getting me down lately. I have never been a fan on change and hate it when it comes to something new, the thing I am most scared about all of my friends leaving me after university. I mean I have known and lived with these people for nearly three years now and thats a long time really. I am scared that we will grow apart think most of my school friends but I know its just me overthinking (at least I hope anyways haha). One thing I am excited about to leave university is to find somewhere to live that I can call my own and that I can decorate just how I want it! Don't get me wrong I love living with my friends but the quality of student housing isn't the best in this area. My bath is going to fall through the damp ceiling in the kitchen any day now! haha

I have met so many new people since coming to university and the saying is really true, 'friends are the family you choose'. I don't know what I would do without my friends they are my rock! I have made so many memories that I will cherish for the rest of my life and learnt so many life lessons. 

Since the last time I spoke to you all I have also finally found the courage to come out as gay. To begin with I was so scared of what people thought of me and I tried to be 'normal' to fit in but I couldn't carry on with that anymore. I feel so much more comfortable now that people know who I truly am, I can be myself and not have to worry anymore and coming out was the best decision I could have ever made. 

I guess I should get on with my essay now, so I will make sure to talk soon.

love from Rachel xoxo

Sunday, 9 November 2014

University #studentlife

I finally made it to university... 

First thing is first I am going to tell you lot about my move in day. I had everything packed weeks ahead of move in day, I was so excited! But as the weeks counted down I began to get quite anxious and my anxiety levels hit the roof! It got to the point of deciding I wanted to drop out before I even got there because I was so scared and nervous however my friends and family convinced me it would be alright and that I would be fine. The night before the big day me, my mum and dad packed the car of all my stuff and things became real, I didnt sleep at all that night and although I was scared I was also kind of excited! 

Move in day was on the 20th of September, my time slot to move in was 9-10am so I was one of the first people to get to the accommodation. On the way over I brought my car and followed my mum, dad, brother and sister in their car. The trip was fine until I seen the signs saying we were getting closer and closer and I just wanted to turn around and go home! 

After getting lost and being 45 minutes late for my move in time slot we finally got here, and there was only a couple other people here so it wasn't too bad. I got my keys and started to move everything to my room. I was the first person to move into my flat so I felt quite comfortable. Mum unpacked all my things and we went downstairs to the kitchen..  I walked into the kitchen chatting away to my family and got a shock to see someone else stood there.. he looked kinda gormless and didn't say a word. His name is Liam and lives in the room next door to me, I also have to share a bathroom with him.... unfortunately! ahaha 

Me and my family all went food shopping and to get some other last minute things I needed and had some lunch together. It was strange because I knew that they would be leaving me here soon in a place I had never been to before and had no clue how to get around. 

We got back to the flat and unpacked my food and then it was time to say goodbye... I felt alright and gave everyone a hug but then the last person I hugged (my mum) I ended up bursting into tears and wouldn't let go. I think the realization just kicked in that they were actually leaving me here and that I now have to live here and not go back home at the end of the day. 

But by the end of the day everyone turned up one by one and I felt a lot better. I sat in the kitchen with Liam and Ollie just chatting.. I thought I was going to be the only girl in the house knowing my luck but then Meg turned up and I was so happy I wasn't alone! haha then Lana rocked up with a bottle of shots, then Katie, Ryan and Annabel. W e all decided to go out and see what the nightlife here was like.. to be honest its not that great but its the company your with that makes it good! I am really glad we decided to go out that night because it was a great way for us to start to get to know each other and it wasn't awkward conversations. We also met next door Charlie, Emily and Rachael then too and they may as well be part of our flat because they never leave. bahah not that thats a bad thing!!

Looking back now it seems to long ago but it actually wasn't. I find it weird (good weird) of how much we actually get on and have got to know each other. I went to visit home and it was strange to be there, it didn't really feel like home anymore.. it was too dark, scary, quiet and boring! ahah

I love my uni family to pieces, I am so glad I have had the chance to meet you all and I don't know what I would do without you! Mwahh 

Love from Rachel xoxo

Saturday, 31 May 2014

Its been a while :(

hello guys :)

I am sorry its been a while, I have been very busy! 

I have been getting sorted for university, finishing off coursework and assignments and I have exams coming up :( 

oh and since the last time I posted... I PASSED MY DRIVING TEST! YAY.. now I get to go out and do more things. At the beginning of the week I drove to Blackpool with my two best friends, we stayed for a couple of days and it was just great to get away for a bit. I was pretty proud of myself for not getting lost, we didn't even have a sat nav. 

While we were in blackpool we went to the theme park the pleasure beach. I love it! A ll of the rides are amazing and it was a nice hot day too! 

other then that my life at the minuet has just been school, work, school, work, school, work!

so when the next exciting this happens.. I will let you guys know! 

love from rachel xoxo 

Monday, 31 March 2014

March Favourites.

Today since it is the last day on march I decided I would do my March favourites and tell you guys what I have been liking this month...

Okay so the first thing in my list is mini eggs.... All month I have been eating these (maybe too much of these) but yeah, I can't seem to get enough of them. I think it started off when I seen Zoella's Feburary favourites and I though 'oh I fancy some of those' and just haven't stopped eating them.

Next is peanut butter and jam sandwiches. So for the people reading in America you won't really think this is strange (I think) but people in England seem to think I am pretty strange for liking this because people here are don't like the combination I guess. I first tried this about a year ago because I thought it would be fun to pretend I was American for the day... and I have NEVER looked back! They are quick and easy to make and delicious! yummy.  

If you read my last post you will already know I am obsessed with The Fault In Our Stars. The book was amazing and I really can't wait for the movie! It was an emotional rollercoaster one second I was happy and the next I was balling my eyes out... If you haven't read the book I really recommend it!

This month in England it has been quite cold, unfortunately. Although that is not really surprising because it is always cold here. So the next two things on my list is hot chocolate and slippers. I have enjoyed a good old hot chocolate with marshmallows and snuggling up in front of the fire with my nice warm slippers on.

Ghost deep night perfume is the next thing on my list... I had never actually heard of this until I got it for Christmas. I know it is now 3 months after Christmas but only this month I have started wearing it.. a lot. I really think it but I can't really explain the smell. If you see this in a shop I recommend you test it because it is very nice!

Last but not least is Maybelline BB cream. I have had this for quite a while and I like to always have a bottle of it. It has quite a light covering and therefore isn't much of a BB cream or foundation but it is good for evening out your skin tone so it is good for people you red or blotchy skin. It also feels light on the skin and is quick and easy to apply. That is why it is so good for me because in the morning I can't really be bothered to do much and I am always running late.

Well I guess that's all till next time..

love from Rachel xoxo

Thursday, 27 March 2014

The fault in our stars.

hello guys :)

Recently I have finished the book 'the fault in our stars' I am sure you will have heard of it... if you haven't where have you been?!

YOU NEED TO READ THIS BOOK! It is one of the best books I have ever read!

The book has made me think a lot about all different things. It has made me think about how lucky I am, to appreciate all the people around me and life itself...

I was recommended the book from one of my closest friend Kayleigh and she lent me the book to read. Normally I am not a book reader and just wait for the movie to come out but when I seen the trailer for this movie... speechless. It looks amazing so I couldn't wait until the 6th of June for the movie!

Now I am glad I took the time to read it. It was like a emotional rollercoaster... one minute I was really happy, laughing and crying. By the way guys I cried A LOT though this book. Not just that one graceful tear rolling down your cheek... no I was a mess! make-up streaming down my face.

The book is about a 16 year old girl called Hazel who has terminal cancer that effects her lungs and breathing. She meets a boy called Augustus (who is the cutest ever) and they become friends and the book is about their building friendship and they go to find 'in their eyes' the best author who wrote a book called An Imperial Affliction which Hazel has read over and over.. I don't want to say too much because I don't want to give away any spoilers. You just have to read it for yourselves!

sorry its a short post didn't really know what else to talk about...

love from Rachel xoxo

Wednesday, 12 March 2014

I want to travel...

hello guys! :D sorry I haven't posted in a while... but its okay because I'm here now! 

Today I wanted to tell you guys something that I really... really want to do :3

I want to visit South Korea :D there are many different place I have and would like to visit but South Korea has to be a the top of the list of places I would like to visit.

There are many reasons I would like to go there...

  • the culture... I would like to learn more about South Korea's unique culture, under and experience the ways of their life.. both the more traditional and the not so traditional.
  • the food... I had a food hamper from South Korea that included kimchi, aloe vera juice, coco pies and spicy noodles.. oh and a rice drink (tat tasted like liquid peanut butter mixed with rice crackers) but there are obviously a lot of foods that can not be delivered in the post.
  • the cities... in Seoul (the capital) there are a lot of tall buildings, lights and shops.
  • oh and last but not least.... to stalk my kpop idols..... :3 okay now I just sound like a complete weirdo *changes the subject*
.... so moving on.... yeah there are many reasons I would like to visit South Korea, there are also many other places I would like to visit.. I really really want to go to America (Miami, LA, New York, New Jersey and of course I really want to go to Disney Land Florida...) I would also like to go to Dubai, Japan and Jamaica.. I know hahah not much but hopefully I will get to visit at least some of these places and maybe others in the future! :D 

Thanks For Reading.. 

love from Rachel xoxo

Wednesday, 12 February 2014

The place I like to call prison aka SCHOOL.

Hello guys :) 

Today I have been at sixth form and I decided I would share a little bit about my experiences at school... 
Right now I am in year 13, my second year of sixth form. I study childcare and health and social which I always have and still do really enjoy. However there is one slight problem...

My sixth form college is at my high school -_-

I am not saying that it is a bad idea to go to sixth form in your high school but looking back now I wished I went to college but at the time I was scared of looking and thinking too much about my future and therefore went for the easy option. 

When I first started to think about joining sixth form in school all of the teachers tried to persuade me it was the best choice, that they treat you differently in sixth form, let you be more independent and you don't have a uniform (which I thought was a bonus) however turns out that being in sixth form in my school is no different from being in main school. They have fences all the way around school that look like your in a prison with magnetic gates that lock you in... it rally may as well be a prison!

They treat you like a child, shout at you for silly little things, make sure you stay on the school site even if you have no lessons that day and yes.. there is uniform and they are very strict on the fact and if it is not up their standard they send you home to get changes (which doesn't sound too bad) but it is when you live 40 minutes away from the school and therefore I will not be going all the home to get changed and come back... pathetic.
The teachers are always complaining that you are behind on work that you aren't good enough (good way to boost confidence..) but there is never any good.
oh and also most of the people in the sixth form act as if they are in year 9, they are very bitchy and there are always fights.

There is one thing that I LOVE about going to sixth form is that for my course I get to be out on placement one day a week in a first school. I like this because it is a fun, hands on way to learn and develop your skills you have learnt in writing. 

I am sure not all sixth forms in high school are bad (I hope) and sorry that this post seems to be a bit of a rant but anyway... yeah... :)

love from rachel xoxo