Saturday, 7 January 2017

Its been too long.

Hello guys, 

Looks its been so long since I last made a blog post, too long (like 3 years) and its not okay, sorry! So now we are due a big old catch up. 

The past three years, where do start haha. Im now in my third and final year of university currently meant to be writing my essay that due in 2 days oops haha! 
I'm due to graduate in a few months which is exciting but also terrifying. The thought that are running through my head have been getting me down lately. I have never been a fan on change and hate it when it comes to something new, the thing I am most scared about all of my friends leaving me after university. I mean I have known and lived with these people for nearly three years now and thats a long time really. I am scared that we will grow apart think most of my school friends but I know its just me overthinking (at least I hope anyways haha). One thing I am excited about to leave university is to find somewhere to live that I can call my own and that I can decorate just how I want it! Don't get me wrong I love living with my friends but the quality of student housing isn't the best in this area. My bath is going to fall through the damp ceiling in the kitchen any day now! haha

I have met so many new people since coming to university and the saying is really true, 'friends are the family you choose'. I don't know what I would do without my friends they are my rock! I have made so many memories that I will cherish for the rest of my life and learnt so many life lessons. 

Since the last time I spoke to you all I have also finally found the courage to come out as gay. To begin with I was so scared of what people thought of me and I tried to be 'normal' to fit in but I couldn't carry on with that anymore. I feel so much more comfortable now that people know who I truly am, I can be myself and not have to worry anymore and coming out was the best decision I could have ever made. 

I guess I should get on with my essay now, so I will make sure to talk soon.

love from Rachel xoxo