Wednesday, 12 February 2014

The place I like to call prison aka SCHOOL.

Hello guys :) 

Today I have been at sixth form and I decided I would share a little bit about my experiences at school... 
Right now I am in year 13, my second year of sixth form. I study childcare and health and social which I always have and still do really enjoy. However there is one slight problem...

My sixth form college is at my high school -_-

I am not saying that it is a bad idea to go to sixth form in your high school but looking back now I wished I went to college but at the time I was scared of looking and thinking too much about my future and therefore went for the easy option. 

When I first started to think about joining sixth form in school all of the teachers tried to persuade me it was the best choice, that they treat you differently in sixth form, let you be more independent and you don't have a uniform (which I thought was a bonus) however turns out that being in sixth form in my school is no different from being in main school. They have fences all the way around school that look like your in a prison with magnetic gates that lock you in... it rally may as well be a prison!

They treat you like a child, shout at you for silly little things, make sure you stay on the school site even if you have no lessons that day and yes.. there is uniform and they are very strict on the fact and if it is not up their standard they send you home to get changes (which doesn't sound too bad) but it is when you live 40 minutes away from the school and therefore I will not be going all the home to get changed and come back... pathetic.
The teachers are always complaining that you are behind on work that you aren't good enough (good way to boost confidence..) but there is never any good.
oh and also most of the people in the sixth form act as if they are in year 9, they are very bitchy and there are always fights.

There is one thing that I LOVE about going to sixth form is that for my course I get to be out on placement one day a week in a first school. I like this because it is a fun, hands on way to learn and develop your skills you have learnt in writing. 

I am sure not all sixth forms in high school are bad (I hope) and sorry that this post seems to be a bit of a rant but anyway... yeah... :)

love from rachel xoxo

Sunday, 9 February 2014

My love for youtubers.

hello guys :) today I have been having a youtube day. This often happens a lot of the time haha. So I thought I would tell you all about the different youtubers I like watching and why I like watching them so that maybe, if you don't already, you can go check them out and if you like them go and subscribe!

I can't rate them so I will bulletpoint them instead because they are all amazeballs! 
  • Joey Graceffa- Joey was the first youtuber I ever watched, he is the cutest little chickadee anya ever. He does daily vlogs and lots of different colabs. Joey is amazing and I love watching his videos, he has also recently release an online series called stories tellers which was really good. From watching all joey's videos you see him change and become more successful and well known in youtube, oh and his hair when from emo to frecking amazing! Joey also has a gaming channel where he plays A LOT of minecraft with stacyplays. oh and from watching joey you seem to pick up these random saying like oh my goodness gracionious *in a southern accent* haha.  
  • Tyler Oakley- okay so now Tyler omg, he is so funny, his laugh is my favourite thing about him, he is oober cutee. oh and he's a tumblr addict! ;) On his main channel he does he does a lot of ask tyler videos and colabs with other youtubers. My two favourite videos on tyler's main channel are: 'times we have pooped ourselves' with sprinkle of glitter. this video has got to be the funniest thing ever, it never gets old. I could watch this over and over and still laugh everytime! my second favourite video is 'how to be: a bad bitch' this is one of tyler's older videos and I love it for some strange reason however I am not sure why haha.
  • Zoella- Zoe is a 'kind of' beauty guru.She does youtube videos and also has a blog ' check it out. She is so pretty and does some makeup tutorials and hauls of primark, lush and a tun of other things. She is a little cutie and likes to help others. She has done a few videos and blogs about her anxiety problems which has seemed to help a lot of people, including me, dealing with their anxiety problems. Also she has a vlog channel called 'morezoella' which I LOVE, and wished she would post more videos on there, she does an amazing vlogmas and is one of the few people to complete everyday of vlogmas, I know it isn't christmas anymore but you should still watch them.  
  • sprinkle of glitter- then there is zoella's best friend Louise! She is another beauty guru who does hauls and other colab videos and a lot of 'baby glitter' videos (which I love because Darcy is just so darn tootin cutee). She has such a bubbly, down to earth personality. Also you should check out her vlogging channle 'sprinkleofchatter' and her blog ''.
  • Pointlessblog- pointlessblog aka Alfie is another youtuber I watch quite frequently. He does a lot of random videos about all sorts of things. He is really funny and pretty hot (sorry zoe haha) He also is another one who has a vlogging channel called 'pointlessblogTV' and a gaming channel which I really recommend called 'alfiegames'.
  • Troye Sivan- Troye Sivan is one of the cutest youtubers (in my opinion), he came out in a youtube video earlier in 2013, which even though I don't personally know him a was really proud of how brave he was to do that. I does little crazy videos of the random stuff that pops into his head which normally turns out to be very funny and he also sings! My two favourite videos of Troye's are, 'I get shivers when I pee' hahah the faces he pulls in that video.. oh my it is so funny. and also the 2013 song where he sings a song recapping everything that has happened in 2013.  
  • Thatcherjoe- thatcherjoe is zoella brother and he's a thatcher.. yes thats right he thatches roofs! He is a really funny, creative youtuber who makes a lot of different types of videos and I especially like his vlogging channel 'thatcherjoesvlogs'.
  • Sawyer Hartman- okay no Sawyer is one of my favourite youtubers a couple of reasons for this... he is an amazingly talented man who does both short and long films online, his dog hitch is soo cute and he is hot haha. No.. but he is really really talented and makes lots of amazing videos. My favourite videos he makes a his 'through my eyes' videos which is when he shares his experiences 'though his eyes' or camera should we say. they are beautiful and I highly recommend you check them out! 
  • Tanya burr- aww Tanya, she is such a cutiee, it so sweet and innocent and is very pretty. She is again a beauty guru and does lots of makeup tutorials and has recently just released a nail varnish and lip gloss range! she also does colabs with other youtubers, my all time favourite tanya video is when she does the 'what is it challenge' with Tyler Oakley which is the funniest thing ever... but beware headphone users you may want to turn the volume down haha.
  • Lohanthony- okay now lohanthony... I have only just started to watch him but he is seriously soo funny and a super diva.. oh and he is amazing at twerking! My favourite video so far is 'I pooped myself... again' haha it is so funny! you guys should check it out!

I know I have missed other great youtubers off but I could fit them all on and didn't really have much time to write this so I just picked out some great ones. I highly recommend you watch, like and subscribe to these youtubers and enjoy their videos as much as me! 

So get watching and enjoy....

love from rachel xoxo 

Friday, 7 February 2014

Growing up.

Hello guys :) Today I had another driving lesson, so I thought I would talk to you guy a little about growing up.

I started learning to driving in around October this year although my 17th birthday was actually in April. At first I was quite scared to try lessons and start learning, which I guess is strange because I think normally people my age can't wait to learn because its kind of like a big step of growing up. I think that's why it scared me a little, the fact I am actually growing up and becoming an adult. For some time I was over think things (we all know how bad that is) and growing up, moving out and being away from my family scared me.

Another big step of growing up is moving out. Recently I have been offered a place at university. When sixth form tutors started to talk about university and applying my parents encouraged me to go for it and make the most life has to offer you but for hours I cried refusing to think about it. The fact that I would have to move away from my friends, family and everything I was comfortable with, it terrified me and I didn't want to think or face that and decided to burry my head in the sand.

My biggest problem is running away from problems instead of facing them, I always think of the worst possibilities and outcomes instead of looking at the good side of things.

After applying for uni I went to an open day and accepted my place in Cumbria. I realised there isn't anything to be worried or scared about, I will meet more people, friends and family and visit and home is always a couple of hours away.

I am still a bit nervous thinking of the future but I realise I need to make the most of it and that there are always people at home for me. I goal is to think of things looking at the positive side of things and not the negative things.

"Running from problems is a race you'll never win"

love from Rachel xoxo

Getting to know me.

 Hello everyone, my names Rachel.

I am new to this whole blogging thing but I wanted to give it a try. The reason I am inspired to start this blog is from my fellow bloggers 'zoella' and 'sprinkleofglitter' (you guys need to check these out). Although they are amazing beauty gurus and I am not. I decided that I would let you guys into my life, my thoughts and all the adventure encounter.

Like I said and you will probably be able to tell now, that my names Rachel! I am 17 years old and live in a beautiful town in the north of England. I am currently studying at college, doing a childcare and health and social care course.

I love all types of music but my faves are dance/house music and kpop (I know its a strange mixture but if you haven't heard of kpop I recommend you listen to 2ne1 and big bang!) I am looking forward to the 22nd of August where I will be going to creamfields festival, I AM SO  EXCITED! and a bonus you guys will be following me there!

There is also another strange interest I have (if you can even call it that) is food. I don't mean just stuffing my face 24/7 but I like to experiment and try new food, especially fruits from other countries. My all time favourite food from other countries is very hard to pick because they are all so nice but my decision is between aloe vera king juice from South Korea, lucky charms from America or persimmon/sharron fruit originally from Japan.

I hope this has given you guys the chance to get to know me a bit better, and I will write soon :)

love from Rachel xoxo