Monday, 31 March 2014

March Favourites.

Today since it is the last day on march I decided I would do my March favourites and tell you guys what I have been liking this month...

Okay so the first thing in my list is mini eggs.... All month I have been eating these (maybe too much of these) but yeah, I can't seem to get enough of them. I think it started off when I seen Zoella's Feburary favourites and I though 'oh I fancy some of those' and just haven't stopped eating them.

Next is peanut butter and jam sandwiches. So for the people reading in America you won't really think this is strange (I think) but people in England seem to think I am pretty strange for liking this because people here are don't like the combination I guess. I first tried this about a year ago because I thought it would be fun to pretend I was American for the day... and I have NEVER looked back! They are quick and easy to make and delicious! yummy.  

If you read my last post you will already know I am obsessed with The Fault In Our Stars. The book was amazing and I really can't wait for the movie! It was an emotional rollercoaster one second I was happy and the next I was balling my eyes out... If you haven't read the book I really recommend it!

This month in England it has been quite cold, unfortunately. Although that is not really surprising because it is always cold here. So the next two things on my list is hot chocolate and slippers. I have enjoyed a good old hot chocolate with marshmallows and snuggling up in front of the fire with my nice warm slippers on.

Ghost deep night perfume is the next thing on my list... I had never actually heard of this until I got it for Christmas. I know it is now 3 months after Christmas but only this month I have started wearing it.. a lot. I really think it but I can't really explain the smell. If you see this in a shop I recommend you test it because it is very nice!

Last but not least is Maybelline BB cream. I have had this for quite a while and I like to always have a bottle of it. It has quite a light covering and therefore isn't much of a BB cream or foundation but it is good for evening out your skin tone so it is good for people you red or blotchy skin. It also feels light on the skin and is quick and easy to apply. That is why it is so good for me because in the morning I can't really be bothered to do much and I am always running late.

Well I guess that's all till next time..

love from Rachel xoxo

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