Wednesday, 12 March 2014

I want to travel...

hello guys! :D sorry I haven't posted in a while... but its okay because I'm here now! 

Today I wanted to tell you guys something that I really... really want to do :3

I want to visit South Korea :D there are many different place I have and would like to visit but South Korea has to be a the top of the list of places I would like to visit.

There are many reasons I would like to go there...

  • the culture... I would like to learn more about South Korea's unique culture, under and experience the ways of their life.. both the more traditional and the not so traditional.
  • the food... I had a food hamper from South Korea that included kimchi, aloe vera juice, coco pies and spicy noodles.. oh and a rice drink (tat tasted like liquid peanut butter mixed with rice crackers) but there are obviously a lot of foods that can not be delivered in the post.
  • the cities... in Seoul (the capital) there are a lot of tall buildings, lights and shops.
  • oh and last but not least.... to stalk my kpop idols..... :3 okay now I just sound like a complete weirdo *changes the subject*
.... so moving on.... yeah there are many reasons I would like to visit South Korea, there are also many other places I would like to visit.. I really really want to go to America (Miami, LA, New York, New Jersey and of course I really want to go to Disney Land Florida...) I would also like to go to Dubai, Japan and Jamaica.. I know hahah not much but hopefully I will get to visit at least some of these places and maybe others in the future! :D 

Thanks For Reading.. 

love from Rachel xoxo

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  1. I'd love to travel to lots of countries too!