Wednesday, 12 February 2014

The place I like to call prison aka SCHOOL.

Hello guys :) 

Today I have been at sixth form and I decided I would share a little bit about my experiences at school... 
Right now I am in year 13, my second year of sixth form. I study childcare and health and social which I always have and still do really enjoy. However there is one slight problem...

My sixth form college is at my high school -_-

I am not saying that it is a bad idea to go to sixth form in your high school but looking back now I wished I went to college but at the time I was scared of looking and thinking too much about my future and therefore went for the easy option. 

When I first started to think about joining sixth form in school all of the teachers tried to persuade me it was the best choice, that they treat you differently in sixth form, let you be more independent and you don't have a uniform (which I thought was a bonus) however turns out that being in sixth form in my school is no different from being in main school. They have fences all the way around school that look like your in a prison with magnetic gates that lock you in... it rally may as well be a prison!

They treat you like a child, shout at you for silly little things, make sure you stay on the school site even if you have no lessons that day and yes.. there is uniform and they are very strict on the fact and if it is not up their standard they send you home to get changes (which doesn't sound too bad) but it is when you live 40 minutes away from the school and therefore I will not be going all the home to get changed and come back... pathetic.
The teachers are always complaining that you are behind on work that you aren't good enough (good way to boost confidence..) but there is never any good.
oh and also most of the people in the sixth form act as if they are in year 9, they are very bitchy and there are always fights.

There is one thing that I LOVE about going to sixth form is that for my course I get to be out on placement one day a week in a first school. I like this because it is a fun, hands on way to learn and develop your skills you have learnt in writing. 

I am sure not all sixth forms in high school are bad (I hope) and sorry that this post seems to be a bit of a rant but anyway... yeah... :)

love from rachel xoxo

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