Friday, 7 February 2014

Growing up.

Hello guys :) Today I had another driving lesson, so I thought I would talk to you guy a little about growing up.

I started learning to driving in around October this year although my 17th birthday was actually in April. At first I was quite scared to try lessons and start learning, which I guess is strange because I think normally people my age can't wait to learn because its kind of like a big step of growing up. I think that's why it scared me a little, the fact I am actually growing up and becoming an adult. For some time I was over think things (we all know how bad that is) and growing up, moving out and being away from my family scared me.

Another big step of growing up is moving out. Recently I have been offered a place at university. When sixth form tutors started to talk about university and applying my parents encouraged me to go for it and make the most life has to offer you but for hours I cried refusing to think about it. The fact that I would have to move away from my friends, family and everything I was comfortable with, it terrified me and I didn't want to think or face that and decided to burry my head in the sand.

My biggest problem is running away from problems instead of facing them, I always think of the worst possibilities and outcomes instead of looking at the good side of things.

After applying for uni I went to an open day and accepted my place in Cumbria. I realised there isn't anything to be worried or scared about, I will meet more people, friends and family and visit and home is always a couple of hours away.

I am still a bit nervous thinking of the future but I realise I need to make the most of it and that there are always people at home for me. I goal is to think of things looking at the positive side of things and not the negative things.

"Running from problems is a race you'll never win"

love from Rachel xoxo

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